A mobile app called TikTok disguised as a social network service for data collection. It is reported portal Rozetked, with reference to one Reddit user.

The user called himself a programmer. He stated that he conducted a study of social networks and found that TikTok has been collecting data about the hardware settings, installed device applications, as well as on the network. In addition, according to him, the social network can retrieve data about a user’s location.

The man also said that he had conducted a study and other popular applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. He noted that none of them collects information in such large quantities as TIkTok.

App TikTok appeared in 2017, its developed by a Chinese company ByteDance. Basically the app is used by teenagers and younger children. In China, there is a version of the program — Douyin. Many users use the TikTok app for shooting short humorous video. They also regularly host challenges — a task that can execute anyone, and to publish video online.