Model of a popular brand made fun of the network for being too outspoken bottom of the swimsuit, which she wore for the filming of an advertising campaign. The picture appeared on Instagram account with the online retailer.

located On the frame of the model demonstrated products Fashion Nova. In particular, she posed for pictures in a bikini with leopard print sunglasses and gold necklace. The cost of the swimsuit on the website of the online store is 2.3 thousand rubles.

the Buyers Fashion Nova criticized the design of the swimsuit, doubting the usefulness of his bottom, which almost exposes the model’s body. “I think Instagram needs to remove this photo because of the censorship”, “what is This, a joke?” “I think the pants are too small”, “What a mess, who ever came up with these cowards?” commented subscribers.

In April, another model of Fashion Nova Tion Fernan (Fernan Tiona) starred in a cropped t-shirt brand, then the fans advised her to go Topless. It was captured in short denim shorts and a black crop top, which connects a drawstring at the neck, exposing part of her breast. “What the fashion? Who the hell is this?” — voted one of the buyers.