Popova said that the government could tighten existing restrictions of the contacts of citizens

MOSCOW, April 24. /TASS/. the Russian authorities may tighten existing measures to limit contact people if they fail to comply with already imposed. On Friday the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova at a meeting with leading epidemiologists and virologists.

“Any mistake at any of these stages could take us back to the point from which we on these stages began their movement. Exactly what if we convince citizens, not to persuade them to comply with all the requirements and all restrictions on every stage of your we will be back where it started. And maybe and this would not, will be forced to take strict measures to limit interactions, contacts between people and turn all of their traffic back to the same point from which you came, turn back”, she said.

Popov added that while it is impossible to stop and open all institutions and agencies closed due of the restrictions.

“we can’t stop, it is impossible today to open, because it is still a very high risk of further spread and further explosive period, if we fail to comply with all of the at least one incubation period (equivalent to two weeks — approx. TASS)” she said.

to Talk about the refusal of restrictive measures is impossible, she said. “Today we are in a phase of rigid restrictive measures are only two of the incubation period . In order to write and eventually pass the point of no return, it is extremely small. At least a third of the incubation period need to observe accurately,” — said Popov.

Popov said that the Russians will have to reckon with the fact that to be infected with coronavirus at any time.

“Today, scientists say that we may not see all the consequences of the disease . Perhaps using something time, we are faced with the fact that those who had been ill or was found with this virus, clinical manifestations, will have a something problem. We won’t live as before, until we have immunity in the population, or the immune system recover after the disease, or immunity after vaccination. We will have to reckon with the fact that the virus is with us, he’s here and that he can strike any of us at any time with obvious consequences, not only today, but also distant”, she said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in the world has infected more than 2.6 million people, more than 180 thousand died. In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 68 622 cases of infection, recovered 5 568 people died in 615.