Epidemiologists consider the likely coincidence of the second wave of coronavirus with the seasonal incidence of viral respiratory infections. Disease simultaneously with COVID-19 seasonal flu can lead to serious disease.

One of the most probable scenarios with the coronavirus epidemiologists think the rise of the second wave of infections in autumn, when they actively spread SARS. About this informed the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova in movie naili Asker-zade “Threat virus. Vaccine” on the channel “Russia 1” (VGTRK).

“it is Quite possible that coronavirus will rise in the autumn, and we fear today and trying to figure out whether to give mixed infection with other respiratory infections, respiratory viruses fall season,” — said Popov.

According to her, the people who make the flu shot will be protected from this virus “and this is will significantly reduce the risks of severe disease in such a difficult period, which we expect in the fall.”

that second wave of coronavirus possible in the fall and said President Vladimir Putin. As possible period it called the end of October — beginning of November. The President instructed the Ministry of health to prepare for possible second wave.

the Main infectious diseases of Ministry of health Elena Malinnikova suggested that the second wave of coronavirus is weaker than the first. “Presumably, there will be a slight rise in the incidence, but this wave of this epidemic, as it is now, of course, the coronavirus do not cause”, — said the doctor.

According to her, the second wave incidence is usually weak because the majority of the population are immune, and the virus weakens.