Popov: in Russia now there is no one infected with the novel coronavirus

No one infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 and even more sick because of this infection in Russia is not. About this stated the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. She stressed that the borders of our country have established effective control.

Each arriving from China, in her words, check the domestic test-systems. Russia has only two such certified system, so the effectiveness of the measures taken markedly increased, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

Earlier, as a result of ongoing monitoring on the territory of the Russian Federation were identified two cases of novel coronavirus infection among the arrivals to our country of Chinese citizens. February 12 these two patients were discharged with recovery.

In the world the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 67 thousand people, the number of victims is more than a thousand. The Chinese authorities undertake additional efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus. At the epicenter of the disease — the Chinese city of Wuhan people have been banned from residential neighborhoods.

the world health organization called for the protection of doctors after Chinese authorities confirmed that more than 1,700 physicians infected with the coronavirus. And the Japanese Ministry of health to combat the virus could begin the use of drugs against AIDS. According to authorities, the drug has already been successfully tested on one of the infected.

Meanwhile, all seven of the Russian tourists left the cruise ship Westerdam. Three of them will go home today, reported the Russian Embassy in Cambodia. All costs for return of tourists took the vessel operator.

Westerdam out of Hong Kong on 1 February and had to go to several ports. However, because of concerns that the Board may be infected with a coronavirus, five countries refused to ship in mooring. Thursday, 13 February, the ship got the permission for entry to Cambodia.