The health of your parents was more important to you than your own wedding.

In November, ARD-presenter, Stefan Mross (44) and his girlfriend Anna-Carina Woitschack (27) in the TV Show of Florian silver iron (38) got engaged.

IMAGE learned: At the 3. March wanted to marry the Couple secretly in his home town in Bavaria. But the wedding is now off.

In the ARD-Show “das adventsfest der 100 000 Lichter” was Stefan Mross and his girlfriend Anna-Carina Woitschack a marriage proposal photo: Geisler-photo, press

Stefan Mross to IMAGE: “We wanted to keep in a very small scale, only with Anna’s parents and my mum, all well over 70. However, as it was with Corona worse, we have cancelled the wedding with a heavy heart, a few days before the appointment. The risk was just too great, that our parents might catch somewhere.“

Mross had signed up at the beginning of the year to the Registrar’s office and a date for the wedding prayers. Shortly thereafter, the 3 was him.Called the March. The date would have fit well to his third wedding. All good things come in threes.