There have been many lengthy press conferences about coronavirussen.

But what is it now that you can do to fight the virus?

In Vietnam trying to make people aware of the good hygiene with a somewhat different contribution to the debate.

Namely a pop song.

‘Wash your hands, rub, rub, rub, rub. Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth. Limit visits to public places. How do we combat the virus.’

It doesn’t sound immediately like a catchy chorus to a pop song, right?

But if you write it in vietnamese and adds a little pop music, then you have actually a pretty catchy song, which even informs about the coronavirussen.

This proves the vietnamese government, which has ordered the song ‘Ghen Cô Vy’ to remember people to wash their hands.

the Song also urges people not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth and at the same time, limit visits to places with many people.

It is the vietnamese ‘Department of Occupational and Envirometnal Health’, which has made the song, as right now the whole 9.947.135 views on YouTube.

the Song has also been a hit on the videodelende media TikTok.

Two vietnamese dancers made a choreography that fits the song and suddenly have dansetrinene spread to the world over. What you can see in the video, above.