Bang the hot Phase of the election campaign: The Ökoparteien to put in the latest election barometer: The GLP can increase by 2.3 percentage points to 6.9 per cent vote share. And the Green even by 3.4 percentage points to 10.5 percent! At the end of August had been elected, would have retracted the Green is the best result in its history – and the CVP obsolete!

The Christian Democrats lose in comparison to the last elections in 2015 of 1.4 percentage points. With 10.2 percent, they are still just above the psychologically important threshold of 10 percent, but much room you have. And since the election barometer in February, you are in the descent. Their voters, the FDP suddenly find attractive.

“motivation” for Rytz

“The survey is a motivation for us”, said Green-President Regula Rytz (57) opposite VIEWS. “It shows that the population wants to strengthen the party with the largest environmental competence.” However, it was only a survey, keeping it flat the Ball. “The only survey that counts is the election on may 20. October. But Yes, the results give us momentum for the last few weeks and confirm the good election results in the cantons.”

Triumph-howl of the fall of the CVP you don’t hear from you, too: “We want to overturn the rights of the majority, not the CVP,” she says only. The decisive factor is the strengthening of the Greens in the National Council and Council of States was. “Only then will we be able to enforce a policy, the subsequent generations ensures a living planet.”

the Green Overtaking the Christian Democrats, in fact, could also be an attack on a Federal Council seat to the topic. However, not necessarily those of the CVP Federal councillor Viola Amherd (57), but rather those of the FDP foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58).

CVP-Pfister is not a concern

CVP-President Gerhard Pfister is not as worried about that too. “It’s not more and not less is a survey. Crucial to the result at 20. October,” he says to VIEW.

in Addition, the results of the survey would only cover the national Council elections. “In the Council of States, the CVP is the strongest force, and this is also in accordance with the 20. October stay.”

He is convinced that the CVP is on the right track: “While other parties fluffing individual topics, provides the CVP solutions for the most pressing problems: putting the brake on costs in the health insurance premiums, Reform of the pension scheme, and a solid CO2 legislation for climate protection.” However, he admits that it is still better needed to succeed in this to the voters auszuzeigen.

SVP stops the downward spiral

Better than the CVP it is with the SVP. You can see the downward spiral stop: the SVP loses 2.6 percentage points compared to the last elections and the coming to 26.8 percent. But this is, after all, more than in the last Barometer in June. The party has a mobilising issue: The losses have not come about mainly because the ordinary voters project, on 20. To go to the ballot box.

On the losing side, the BDP stands for. She loses more than a third of their voters, and gets to 2.6 percent. The voters do not have to go to Choose. Or to contact other parties, especially the FDP and the GLP.

SP loses in the Romandie significantly

The SP loses in comparison to the last Barometer slightly and is now at 18.7 per cent – virtually the same as in the case of the 2015 elections. In particular, in the Romandie, the losses are considerable, amounting to 2 percentage points. In the German part of Switzerland, however, the socialists to place, especially in young and non-voters.

The FDP, on the other hand, a bit: you come to 16.7 percent of the vote share and thus 0.3 percentage points more than in 2015. The new green rate, the President of Petra Gössi (43) the sense of liberty has prescribed is paying off. Since the last election barometer, the FDP managed to increase by 0.5 percentage points. In particular, in the Romandie, the party can score points.

For the choice of barometer, the survey Institute Sotomo on behalf of the SRG SSR from 19. up to the age of 25. August, an online survey carried out. It is the details of 17’128 Voters were used.