Celebrities This week are Mariah Carey and 50. Or was it 51? Be that as it may, her success and her status as a pop-diva, vrijwaarden the singer is not defined by the adversity. “Each of the public living comes with a price”, says the Story.

“Is it true that you can only have a bath tub, take in a French mineral water?”, I asked a British journalist a few years ago with Mariah Carey. “No,” she said. “I’ll take it melkbad, as a beauty treatment. However, if there is no clean water, I’d bath in the mineral water, however, might be considered.” And with those words, the singer, is that she is indeed a diva that looks like it has so often said. This week, on the 27th of march to be exact, is celebrating’d like to do for her birthday. Or is it its 51? Because of this, the opinions are divided. No matter how old they are, they deserve to be honored, because even though they might not be able to be the super star of yesteryear, she is to be of service to you. World-wide more than 200 million albums sold only one artist whose first five singles, and 1 landed in the Us Billboard 100 and is the only one of the three numbers, as soon as # 1 came in. Only last year she lost her record of the longest number of consecutive weeks (16) at number 1. And each year they do a re-release of the christmas hit, ” All I want for Christmas – until last year, it’s a 1-in-the-US – the cash register display pattern. She now has an estimated wealth of $ 300 million, but it is the start of her life, was not so fortunate.

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She was in New York, was born as the daughter of a white man was an opera singer and an engineer by African-American and Venezuelan roots. When she was three years old, went to her parents and to each other. Her mother had been, it is difficult to make ends meet and the family was not going to be easy. Mariahs sister got on drugs, became a mother at the age of fifteen, went to prostitutes and got infected with hiv / aids. She had her own set of problems. “I, as a child, so much of my life,” she said once. “Just to be me and be accepted, to feel it, because my mother is white and my father is not, because I have a separate appearance, and since we do not have the money to get away from the day to day realities of life.”

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