This is about the situation in Venezuela, in Syria and in the Ukraine. They had replaced only last week in Finland at a Meeting of the foreign Ministers of the Arctic Council.

Lavrov said prior to the new Meeting that Russia was also interested in talks on nuclear disarmament. Currently, it is about the future of the New Start Treaty on the control of atomic weapons.

The Treaty of 2010, the nuclear arsenals on the 800 delivery systems and 1550 deployed nuclear warheads ready to reduce. He runs out in 2021, but can be extended. In the opinion of military experts, both sides ran out of time, because in the United States in the coming year, a new President is elected and the country could be rather busy with domestic political issues.

Russia sees the visit of Pompeo in times of crisis, as an important Signal and an attempt to draw the tense relations back on the right track. Moscow hopes, therefore, that after a phone call from US President Donald Trump with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin on 3. May progress in the relationship of the two countries could give. In many international conflicts, Moscow and Washington pursue opposite interests.

In SYRIA Russia supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the United States on the part of the Opposition. The fate of the civil war country to determine, in the meantime, especially Russia and Iran as well as Turkey. Moscow called on Washington repeatedly, the U.S. troops out of the country to be deducted.

In VENEZUELA, Russia holds in the power struggle there, President Nicolás Maduro Loyalty. The United States have recognized the self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó as head of state. Moscow calls for a dialogue between the government and the Opposition: Washington, however, demands a change of power in the oil-rich country, as well as the withdrawal of Russian military experts.

– In the UKRAINE, in turn, Russia will interfere in the US-American influence on the policies of the Ex-Soviet Republic. Moscow wants to achieve that the newly elected President Volodymyr Selenskyj can pursue a policy without constant instructions from Washington. Great interest has Moscow in mind that Washington is driving its sanctions policy in the Wake of the conflict.

During the talks on the Black sea, it should go according to Russian information, even to nuclear disarmament in Iran and North Korea. Putin had turned on last as a mediator in the conflict over the controversial nuclear program of North Korea. In addition, Russia uses Iran conflict in favour of the nuclear deal to maintain. The US sanctions against Iran has criticized Russia, as illegal.

Pompeo wants to meet in Sochi and Putin. The Kremlin confirmed on Monday evening the appointment. It is considered possible that a new Meeting Trumps looming with Putin. Both are expected to meet by the end of June at the G20 summit in Japan next Time, personally.