The chief diplomat of the US President, Donald Trump takes part in the Finnish Rovaniemi at a Meeting of the foreign Ministers of the Arctic Council.

With your part of the undiscovered resources such as Oil and Gas, the Region around the North pole, will said always more to an area of the power claims and of the competition, Pompeo. It would have to cease the USA. Each person must adhere to the same rules of the game.

China had observer status at the Arctic Council, but it is more than 1500 kilometers from the Region, said Pompeo. China’s statement that it was almost an Arctic Nation, is therefore wrong. “There is only one Arctic and non-Arctic States.” In terms of Russia, we have seen the example of Ukraine that the territorial claims of the Kremlin with violence could go hand in hand.

After his speech, Pompeo met with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to discuss, in particular, the situation in the crisis state, Venezuela. Lavrov described the conversation as constructive. He assured, nobody draw a “reckless military solution,” the Venezuela crisis into consideration. A military Intervention could be “catastrophic”, he warned. Russia reiterated its support for a dialogue.

After a working dinner of the foreign Ministers of the Arctic Council on Monday evening, it is planned that the Ministers on Tuesday in a statement by the end of the two-year presidency of Finland. The Finns took this in 2017 from the U.S. and give him more now Island. The other members are Canada, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.