Pompeo arrived in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where talks with Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-be scheduled Hakim, said on Tuesday from the Iraqi government circles. Actually, the US had wanted to visit-foreign Minister on Tuesday well-a year after he took office for the first time in Germany. In Berlin Meeting with the German foreign Minister, Heiko Maas and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been planned. Pompeo had cancelled the visit to Berlin but at the last Minute.

As the reason for the cancellation, the Americans had called “urgent matters”. Pompeo had previously visited as the first stop of a multi – day trip to Europe-Finland and at a meeting of the Arctic Council participated. From there, it was broken up on Tuesday, without that his next target was known to the public. About hours Pompeo was submerged. The trip to Iraq was kept, for security reasons, initially in secret.

“Unfortunately we have to postpone the visit in Berlin, due to urgent matters,” said the U.S. Embassy in the capital in the morning, in the short message service Twitter. “We are looking forward to arrange a new appointment for these important discussions,” it said. The foreign Ministers welcome “to come to Berlin soon”.

More Details to Pompeos visit in Iraq were initially not known. The main theme in the discussions there is likely to be the neighboring country of Iran.

The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, had Sunday announced that the Americans will misplace as a military warning to Iran, the aircraft carrier “USS Abraham Lincoln” and a bomber squadron in the direction of Iran. The exact location of the station, he was open. Also Details on the reasons behind the US government has not called. Bolton founded the approach with “a number of disturbing and escalation of indications and warning signs,” on the one reacting now. The United States wanted to send a “clear and unequivocal message to the Iranian Regime, that each attack is countered to the interests of the United States or its allies with relentless force”. Concrete, he was not.

Reports from US media that the threats by Iran against the US should have forces, among other things, in Iraq directed.

Americans driving long a course of hardness compared to the leadership in Tehran. The United States had withdrawn in the last year alone from the international nuclear agreement with Iran. US President, Donald Trump had announced the step, almost to the day exactly a year ago. In the meantime, exposed to US sanctions have since been gradually reinstated. In other Places, the Americans increased the pace against Tehran.

in response, the Iranian leadership wants to reduce now apparently its obligations under the nuclear agreement, “gradual” – to match the anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty this Wednesday. Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani will then inform his colleagues in China, Germany, France, the UK and Russia about the decision, reported the Iranian Agency Irna.

The visit Pompeos in Berlin, had long been expected. The 55-Year-old is already since more than a year in office. He has covered more than 420’000 Flight miles and almost 40 countries visited. The economy is strongest and most populous European Partner, Germany, was not so far.

To participate in the Munich security conference, the former CIA chief was waived in February, although he was at the time for days on the road in Europe and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, and even Iceland visited.

Also this week, Pompeo was started on an extended Trip through Europe. For Wednesday’s initially political talks in London were planned for Thursday with a stop in Greenland. Whether it remains in the case of these plans, was initially unclear. Not have been canceled the remaining stops on the trip so far.