However, his country would continue to fight against the “malicious activities” of Iran. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stated on Saturday that his country is open to talks, but “on the orders” from Washington.

tensions between Washington and Tehran had increased lately. Referring to a threat by Iran and pro-Iranian militias reinforced Washington since the beginning of may, its military presence in the Gulf region. US President, Donald Trump wants to force Iran with its strategy of “maximum pressure” to new negotiations on its nuclear program and its regional policy.

The good services of Switzerland were also in the centre of the talks between Cassis and Pompeo, such as the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (DFA) announced. With respect to Iran, where Switzerland represents the United States has been around for about 40 years, brought the Cassis in particular, the humanitarian mechanism to the language.

This allows you to pay for the delivery of food and medicines, which are not subject to the sanctions. “We want to contribute to the civil population, which suffers under the new sanctions, can be supplied with basic goods of daily life, said the foreign Minister, Cassis accordingly.

Pompeo is for the first time in around 20 years, US Secretary of state travelled in Switzerland. Surprisingly, he arrived on Friday in Switzerland and visited on Saturday Bern. There, he was led by the FDP national councillor Christa mark Walder, the Federal house. She did this in her role as President of the parliamentary group Switzerland-USA.