the Agency explains that it’s not just about the electoral rating of the President, but also on the assessment of socio-economic policy of the President, of the effectiveness of its decisions.

as for the upcoming vote, according to data published by the Agency, it plans to participate in a total of 89.5% of the population. By the way, to the possibility of early voting in General, a positive attitude more than half of the population of Belarus – 61,4%.

the Poll revealed electoral preferences of the population in relation to presidential candidates. Alexander Lukashenko, according to Ecoom, ready to support 72,3% of Belarusians, the ratings of the other four candidates do not exceed in total 10%. However, undecided 10.9 per cent, did not want to answer and 3.1%, against all have spoken of 3.7%.

the General social background of the electoral campaign, say sociologists, is characterized by the predominance of social optimism (62,8%). At the same time, concern and uncertainty about the future expressed by 17.2%, while the indifference of experiencing to 5.5%.

the Study, said the Agency, was held from 23 to 27 July by the telephone survey. The Republican sample was 1879 respondents.