Britons prefer to stay at home, despite the fact that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently relaxed the restrictive measures in effect at the time of introduction of a state of isolation mode. This is according to the survey by king’s College London.

the Study found that one in seven respondents, adult citizens of Britain didn’t leave the house at least once in the previous week, and 41 percent of Britons haven’t left the house for the last five days. According to the survey, the number of citizens who began to wear masks, doubled in comparison with six weeks ago. Also high is the percentage of Britons who follow the implementation of rules of hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water, and follow the rules of social distancing. According to Professor Bobby Duffy, Director of the policy Institute at king’s College London, these figures show the seriousness with which the public perceives coronavirus crisis.

Recall that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that in the country from Monday will begin the gradual lifting of restrictive measures.