the corresponding criminal or regulatory offences have been initiated procedures.

A 61-year-old driving school operators from Gifhorn was caught in the late morning, as he led with a rider an hour’s drive through, although this is prohibited under the General order of the district Gifhorn explicitly. In the subsequent control, the instructor showed the officials to be very unreasonable, so that in the driving school vehicles is ensured, and an investigation was initiated against the Gifhorner.

In the context of assistance for the town of Gifhorn was in two ice cream shops in the pedestrian area of the sale of Ice cream on the counter for walk-in customers under. The operator of the ice cream shops were in both cases, obvious and available to came.

A private Party in an apartment in the flower street, was dissolved by the officials against 22 o’clock. Present the 25-year-old owner of the apartment, a 18-year-old from Gifhorn, a 20-year-old Gifhorner, as well as a 23 were there-year-old from Great Oesingen.

late in The afternoon, were previously dissolved two persons collections on Schlossseee, as well as in the pedestrian zone. Three Gifhorner at the age of 29 to 31 years of age are not kept in the FuZo the prescribed distance, although they are neither related nor in a common household to live.

At the Schlosssee met the officials on a three-member group of people, sitting side by side on a Park bench. The two 20-year-old Gifhorner, as well as the 19-year-old from Rühen were referred by the police of the place.

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