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Hålogalandsvegen to bind Sortland, Harstad and Evenes.

The new E10 is the largest vegprosjektet in Northern Norway for several decades. The frame is approaching the ten billion.

With such sums, it is in practice impossible for Norwegian contractors to be able to get such a project, believes Åsunn Lyngedal (Ap) in næringskomiteen in Parliament.

Åsunn Lyngedal mean the contractors will have a need for larger projects in the time after koronautbruddet.

Photo: Oliver Rønning / NRK

– We have long been concerned that it does not have to come out as a single contract. It will be so great that it would exclude Norwegian entrepreneurs from participating, ” she says to NRK.

She believes the debate is highlighted through the ongoing koronakrisen we are inside.

– It is important to secure Norwegian jobs. It is particularly important in light of the crisis we are in now. We are going to have to ensure that it comes out public tenders at any level, where it is added to ensure that Norwegian industry can compete, ” she says.

Believes they are losing the battle against the great actors

NRK has written in the past about milliardprosjekt that had to be postponed due to a lack of offers from Norwegian builders.

the Norwegian anleggsbransje have long warned that the public samferdselskontrakter increasingly rigges so that Norwegian companies are losing to foreign companies.

the Risk and the responsibility is too great.

Stone Windfeldt is executive director of the Entreprenørforeningen building and Construction (EBA) in Northern Norway. He has previously stated to NRK that they quickly ports outside the larger projects.

If we end up with a contract on the ten billion, the majority of the value and competence go to a foreign entrant that sell for larger sums in the year, he said.

chief county executive for transport and infrastructure, Bent-Joachim Bentzen (Sp).

Photo: Thor-Wiggo Distinguish / Nordland county council.

Also, chief county executive for transport and infrastructure, Bent-Joachim Bentzen (Sp) parts concern.

He believes that, in the light of the stimulus measures that are in the works in connection with the koronakrisen, will be a concrete and simple way to make it easier for Norwegian entrepreneurs to be on the larger project.

I will request strongly to consider to open to split up such larger projects in the allotments so that local actors can be involved in the competition.

Is more expensive

Lyngedal mean business and the local mission is crucial for us to stay and live in Norway.

– We need that the private sector is allowed to try their hand at larger projects. The profits of the companies and the tax will again here. We need to see the cost-benefit on this.

– Is it worth it for any more expensive price?

– It will go a long way to do. But it pays to make sure that our own industry can participate.

Government: – Unfortunate

secretary of state Ingelin Noresjø (KrF) is wary of splitting up the construction of the Hålogalandsvegen.

the Way is a so-called OPS-project – a scheme to finance the construction of public buildings and roads.

According to Noresjø is not the Norwegian market is large enough that the contractors can to take so great a risk.

– We are therefore dependent on correct us toward a more european or international market. To divide up the project for Hålogalandsvegen will have several negative consequences, ” she says.

According to Noresjø will a partitioning result that large parts of the project must be planned again.

the secretary of state Ingelin Noresjø (KrF) is wary of splitting up the construction of the Hålogalandsvegen.

Photo: Nordland municipality

thus, It is unlikely that it all can be implemented as a so-called OPS-project, if the subdivision is to be adapted to a particular size, ” she says.

– We expect anyway that the Norwegian companies will participate as subcontractors for the implementation of the construction.

According to Noresjø work with a distribution of risk in the project, so that the contract for the Hålogalandsvegen to be able to become more attractive for several actors, also Norwegian.

– There is therefore now also dialogue with both Norwegian and foreign companies for the best possible to be able to customize the risikodelingen in the OPS contract to what the market wants.

Worried about China,

member of parliament Åsunn Lyngedal also believe it is important to ensure that the major players in the for example, China gets a lot of control over the entry of the Norwegian infrastructure.

What she believes is problematic in all the time, E10 will go past the new military air base at Evenes.

– China is pointed out as one of the countries that could pose a threat to Norway in Pst’s threat assessment. Should a chinese company to win the tender, there is a possibility that we put them in the able to monitor the passages by a toll road, ” she says.

PST writes in his last annual threat assessment that the threat level from foreign intelligence services in 2020 is largely unchanged from last year.

The time called the chinese embassy threat assessment is ridiculous.

Here are drawn Russian, chinese and iranian intelligence as the main threats. This may be directed towards the Norwegian government, commerce, defense, and emergency preparedness and Norwegian researchers.

secretary of state Ingelin Noresjø says it is important to be aware of the issue as Lyngedal points out.

– the Use of foreign contractors requires a good follow-up from both the ministry and the builder.

Hålogalandsbrua on the E6 is built by a chinese company.

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