Online users were taken aback by a resurfaced 2018 clip of Conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson seemingly switching his political allegiance toward socialism during a conversation with left-wing philosopher Cornel West.

Carlson, America’s most popular news host, is famous for holding deeply conservative positions, and specifically for opposing what he calls the ‘radical left’. However, he went viral on Friday, because in a two-year-old interview with a leftist philosopher Сornel West, Carlson appeared to have vocally subscribed to a socialist agenda.

In their conversation West was stressing that in his view people in power should be held accountable “vis-à-vis those who have less power,” namely the working class, women and minorities.

“If that’s what democratic socialism is then I’m basically on board,” Carlson replied. “I do think that ordinary people, middle-class people ought to have dignity, and I think that our current systems make it hard for them to have dignity”.

Carlson’s unexpected drastic political shift launched both him and West into US’ top Twitter trends. Online users have called it a “come to Jesus” moment for the Fox host and took it as Carlson’s “endorsement” of socialism.

Tucker Carlsen just endorsed democratic socialism as explained (if simplistically, and in a purely distributive sense) by Dr. Cornel West.

Dr. Cornel West just explained Democratic Socialism to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and Tucker said he was on board. This timeline is so strange.

A lot of praise was heaped on West’s rhetorical skills, with which he seemed to have convinced Carlson.

Cornel West needed only 39 seconds to persuade Tucker Carlson to explicitly embrace democratic socialism.

Cornell West appealed to Tucker Carlson’s faith. West appealed to Tucker’s humanity without pandering, especially on reforming prison as well as the success of White immigrants in this country. That was brilliant stuff.

Many commenters, on the other hand, were far more skeptical of Carlson’s declaration because the interview ended on a disagreement, with the host bringing up Venezuela’s poverty levels, supposedly risen because of socialist policies.

Moreover, some refuted Carlson’s supposed left-wing change by pointing out that the Segment was published a couple of years back, and the Fox star still publicly stands again socialism.

This is from 2018. Tell me more about what Tucker Carlson learned, here.

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