This is a Union leader Slawomir Broniarz said on Thursday in Warsaw according to the Polish news Agency PAP. “Mr Prime Minister, Morawiecki, we will give you time until September. We are waiting for a concrete solution proposal from your side, said Broniarz.

The trade-Union boss justified the decision by saying that teachers had a sense of responsibility for the graduates. An extension of the strike would have threatened the set for early may exam.

The teachers ‘ Union, calls for the current year a wage increase of 30 percent in two stages. The Polish national-conservative government of the law and justice party (PiS), however, had draws in the collective conflict to the last.

Similar to other Eastern European countries, teachers are not paid well in Poland, according to low your prestige is Social. According to the Polish Ministry of education teachers earn, depending on education and experience between 710 and 1300 Euro gross. The average wage in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the statistical office at around 1140 euros gross.

Despite these conditions, the PiS-government argued for a 30% increase in salary no room to be see in the Budget. Their offer: 15 percent associated with an increase in the working hours. The teachers Association rejected.