Modernized T-72 tanks, recently received the Armed forces of Poland, are an efficient weapon, said Defense24 major General Krzysztof Radomski.

the Military said that the enhancements have improved the combat characteristics of the tank, especially the range and accuracy of target recognition. “Especially pleased with the increase in target detection range. Now this figure increased up to 4.5 kilometers. It is the same with the ability to recognize and identify targets, here we have the leap up to 2.5 kilometers,” — said the General.

Radomski added that T-72 got radio 9311AP that have a high level of protection for data transfer and broad compatibility with other military equipment used in the Polish army, in particular, German tank Leopard 2.

Comparing T-72 and PT-91 Twardy (Polish licensed version of the Soviet T-72M1), the military said that both machines have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, according to him, the tanks are virtually the same capabilities of communications and surveillance, but the second has better protection and fire control system, while the first has the advantage of sighting devices with an infrared camera and passive guidance devices.

In July 2019, the American Bradley and the M1 Abrams the Leopard together with the Polish PT-91 Twardy and BWP-1 simulated battle on the ground Bemowo Sands in Poland.

First upgraded to version T-72M1 tanks Poland received in December 2019. The upgrade program the tank Park should be completed by 2025. Only Poland has more than 700 tanks T-72, T-72M1 and PT-91 Twardy.