The renowned former theatre actor and critic, writer and columnist Witold Sadowy speaks for the first Time publicly about his sexuality. In an Interview with TVP Kultura on the occasion of his 100. Birthday in this year of Poland, the theatre legend said: “I’m gay.”

At the end of the interview, which is dedicated to his life and his works, he confesses: “For me, the Survival of the truth is the most Important thing.” And more: “I’m proud to be an honest man. I regret nothing. I have not married. I was just born different.“

At the end of the interview, he has to laugh. It seemed to him as if he had filed “a confession”.

Witold Sadowy during the TV Interviews, over the whole of Poland photo speaks: TVP

The war broke out, when he was 19 years old

“was I applied at the State Institute of Theatre Arts and had the test for the 7. September 1939 planned,“ he says. But it was nothing On 1. In September 1939 the Second world war broke out.

Sadowy was still an actor, however, without a completed education. His career does not stand in the way. On the contrary, Sadowy is one of the oldest well-known actors in the country since 1945 on the stage. Most Polish media have celebrated his 100. Birthday on 7. January.