Polina Gagarina

the 33-year-old Polina Gagarina for several consecutive days in the spotlight. Mainly in the press and on the Internet actively talking about the divorce of the singer with a 42-year-old Dmitry Isakov, and also discuss the rumors about his new novel. Today, however, Gagarin has attracted attention for another reason.

Telegram-channel Mash reported that the singer owed a large sum of money and now officially is wanted. According to the information channel for Pauline listed debt in the amount of 55 thousand rubles for housing and communal services and another 30 million rubles in taxes. Some time ago the court decided to collect these funds from the stars, and now the Federal service of bailiffs has officially announced Gagarin wanted.

Polina Gagarina

Interestingly, just days before the Russian Forbes has published a new rating of stars of show-business with the highest incomes. Along with my 19 colleagues led by Sergei Shnurov (he took first place in the rating) Polina Gagarina included in this list. Pauline is located on the sixth place in the rating with an annual income of 6.4 million dollars. Perhaps this rating and pushed the staff of the Federal service of court bailiffs finally add Gagarin to the black list of debtors and declare her missing.

Recall the other day Polina Gagarina for the first time raised in an interview with the theme of his parting with Dmitry Isakov. On the YouTube show “of Course, Bob!” the singer explained why refuses any comments on this subject: Polina claims that he never PR at the expense of his personal life and is not going to change the rules.

Yesterday night, Dmitry Iskhakov, who has long tries himself in the role of the poet, shared with subscribers a new poem. After reading it, many fans decided that it is dedicated to Pauline. Star photographer like describes all the UPS and downs of their family life, and in the end sums up the mysterious line “this is not the end”.