The police are warning of severe traffic disruptions on the A8 and B16 near Günzburg on Thursday. The reason: an aerial bomb from World War II that had to be detonated on Thursday morning. The Legoland Park will not open regularly either

The Autobahn 8 (Munich-Stuttgart) will be closed for probably several hours on Thursday to detonate a bomb from the Second World War. The Legoland Park near Günzburg is also affected by the evacuation campaign.

According to the police, the bomb was discovered on Wednesday morning in a commercial area next to the amusement park. The bomb is filled with 30 kilograms of explosives and cannot be defused. Therefore, the bomb should be detonated.

For this reason, an exclusion zone with a radius of half a kilometer must be established. In addition to the commercial area, Legoland, the holiday village of the amusement park, the A8 and the federal highway 16 are also partially affected.

From 7:00 a.m., traffic between Günzburg and Burgau on the motorway should therefore be closed. The police emphasized that massive traffic obstructions must be expected in the greater Günzburg area by 11:00 a.m. “We are asked to drive around the area mentioned, if possible, over a large area in the period described above.”