A new afpresningsmail is beginning to flourish with the aim to exploit the danes ‘ fear of coronaviruses.

The English mail has landed in several residents ‘ inbox, where the people behind the email trying to threaten to the payment of bitcoins in order not to ‘reveal ugly secrets about your life’.

It shall notify the Danish police, through the app ‘My digital self-defense’, which is made of the Consumer council Think and TrygFonden.

In the email is written, for example, that he or she knows all your passwords and want to reveal all your deepest secrets.

If you send bitcoins in a value of 4,000 dollars, claim the individuals behind the email, that they are able to infect your entire family with the coronavirus.

the Police write through ‘My digital self-defense’ that you should ignore the email and nothing to do.

‘We recommend that you do not pay and do not answer the email, since there is talk about masseafpresning. It will say that the perpetrator is trying to get you and many others to pay a sum by threatening an adverse event, in this case, infection with the coronavirus and disclosure of your secrets.’

‘It is our view and experience from previous cases of masseafpresning, that the offender does not intend to implement the action, he threatens, when he, for example, is not in possession of your personal information or have knowledge of your secrets.’

‘therefore, We recommend that you do not respond to the email, the’ writing police.

With masseafpresning meant that the same mail sent out to multiple people at the same time, without major changes in the content – if any at all – in the hope that someone transfers money to the specified account number.

the Police don’t disclose on whether you are on the trail of the perpetrators of this mail.

It informs not how many danes who have got this intruder in his mail inbox.