People who are trying to enter the village of Diveevo, Nizhny Novgorod, closed on quarantine, stop at the control posts, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs, commenting on the statement of ballerina Anastasia Volochkova that it did not know about the ban on entry.

Earlier Volochkova told RIA Novosti that he did not know about the quarantine in Diveyevo, in its territory it did not tell and did not interfere with her movements. As have informed Agency in the press-service of the courts of General jurisdiction of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Volochkova and her companion, visit Svyato-Troitsky Serafimo-Diveevsky monastery in Diveevo, will be brought to administrative responsibility, the case came to court. She faces a fine of 1 thousand rubles, accompanied her man – 15 thousand.

"control Points, working at the entrance to a closed quarantined Diveevo. They continue to work. Everybody coming into the village to check the police. Thus, all arriving in Diveevo know that it is closed on quarantine. There are posts", – said the Agency in a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs for Nizhny Novgorod region.

On the main page of the website of the administration of the Diveyevo district published a red notice about that in Diveevo has been quarantined. Also it is reported that since April 8, in three areas of entry in Diveyevo (from Arzamas, Ardatov and Sarov) organized the work of control points. In addition, the site of the convent in the news of 11 June on the lifting of quarantine is emphasized that the monastery was opened only for the villagers. "to Visit the monastery can only residents of the village of Diveevo, as in the village the quarantine continues in effect the entrance to the village is closed", – underlined in the message.

On the morning of 30 June, the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod region government announced the lifting of the quarantine in the cities of Pavlovo and Kulebaki noting that the village of Diveevo is the last settlement of the region, where there is a quarantine. As of 30 June, the Diveyevo district recorded 424 cases of infection with coronavirus.

Serafimo-Diveevsky monastery – Orthodox convent, located in Diveevo village of Nizhny Novgorod region. Venerated by the faithful as the fourth earthly destiny of the virgin (earth, which is under its special protection). In the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery contains the revered Holy relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov.