It’s not easy to be famous. The had to get the Helene Fischer (35) and her boyfriend Thomas lateral (34) once more. According to the magazine “Freizeit Revue” relaxed the celebrity Couple in Herrsching am Ammersee. There, the singer and the air acrobat currently to build a common love nest.

As the two are next to a boat house, leaning back, should have seen lateral of a sudden in 100 meters distance of a pensioner, the photos of him and his favorite shot. The male model did not hesitate and called the police. “We have a complaint for violation of the highly personal life was reported to range image capture,” confirmed the Lord chinger police chief Erich Schilling.

Public interest in a massive and burdensome “

” That lateral places a lot of value on his privacy, he noted in an Interview. With the “time,” he said, among other things, that he feels the public interest in his Person as “massively stressful”. Also because of his family suffer from: “My grandparents are both 91 years old, everything is like a Tornado over them in broken. Journalists are at my grandma’s and my grandpa in the hallway.”

However, probably Thomas lateral needs to get used to it. Because he is one of the most famous women of Germany together. And holds on to your man. In an Interview with the German show legend Frank Elstner (77) she enthused recently: “Thomas is caring. He is lovingly. He is simply the new man at my side, I will make life very easy.” (klm)