said the officials on Thursday, wanted to buy, the 54-Year-old on the previous day against 17.40 several packs of toilet paper: “When she was advised to just buy a package and put the rest to one side, sat the woman on the cash register tape and the disabled, so further sale to other customers.”

a woman screamed and dropped to the ground.

The alarmed police officials were not able to calm the woman. As they put her in handcuffs, defended you fiercely. “You roared, dropped to the ground, resisted the measure and was finally given up to the patrol car worn”, according to police.

As she was released from custody, she had still no toilet paper: “To is not a purchase, it came in the Wake of the riots.” Spanish hospitals are overloaded: Video shows Chaos in a clinic in Madrid, PCP Spanish hospitals overloaded: Video shows Chaos in a clinic in Madrid