Police uncovered the algorithm of actions in case of theft of money from personal Bank accounts

the representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia told the victim what to do in case of theft of funds of their Bank accounts.

law enforcement authorities said that there are two main types of theft of money from accounts of Bank customers. The first method – social engineering (in the process of talking with the victim the scammers know free codes and get access to savings).

the Second method is infecting your computer or smartphone the victim of virus programs to access remote banking services. As explained in police, the virus can be contained in messages from unknown senders.

if the money were withdrawn for the victim it is recommended that the following algorithm. You need to stop doing anything with your mobile phone, turn it off, remove the SIM card and ensure the safety of the phone as a possible means of committing the crime.

you should Not take any action alone or with the involvement of IT-specialists. Also advised not to give mobile to service.

the Victim should call the Bank hotline, to block the operations with Bank account and withdraw the illegal transfer. You should then send to the Bank a written statement of the chargeback, refund and blocking access to the “Mobile Bank”. The appeal is made in two copies, to deliver it to the Bank branch in one day.

After that, the Bank needs to get details from the account and apply to the Bank that the offender used to transfer funds. It is necessary to apply for suspension of execution of the payment and the refund.

within one day it is also necessary to address in bodies of internal Affairs with the statement on the fact of theft of cash. For law enforcement officers required documentary proof of theft of money (Bank account statements, Bank reference, and other documents that confirm the listthe representations of the amount of damages specified in the statement).