A shot was fired at a school in Bremerhaven on Thursday. A police spokeswoman said one person was injured. It was initially unclear whether it was a child or an adult.

There is currently a major police operation at a school in Bremerhaven. As the police announced to FOCUS Online, one person was injured. So it was a woman. She came to the hospital. It was initially unclear whether life was in danger.

An armed perpetrator was arrested. It was therefore still unclear what type of weapon it was. The police did not confirm rumors about a second perpetrator who is on the run. The emergency services have “the situation on site under control”.

According to an initial police press release, the suspect is not a student at the school. The students are currently in the classrooms with their teachers.

“Bild” and “Nord24” reported first. According to “Nord24”, a student heard the shots from the toilet and informed the police.

The police were on site with emergency services and asked the population to avoid Mayor Martin Donandt Square and the adjacent streets. Special forces searched the school.