In nine cases, the police have charged persons for the violation of the knife – and våbenloven after the killing of 24-year-old.

There is still a risk of serious violence in Fredericia between two groups after the killing of a 24-year-old man in Korskærparken at the end of February.

It is the police’s justification for the Tuesday to extend a so-called visitationszone two places in the city. The police can thus, without a concrete suspicion to ask people to turn the pockets in the restricted zones.

There is still a “risk of further serious violent showdown in the fields, as there is continuously found weapons in the zones”, according to a press release.

In the run-up to Sunday, the police have thus, in the nine cases raised the charge of violation of the weapons – and knivloven, just as there have been 13 cases of possession of drugs.

Searches can be preliminary until 8. april. As well people as vehicles can be examined without any concrete suspicion.

the Killing of the 24-year-old happened 24. February afternoon in Korskærparken. In the case of three persons in custody.

The one accused of having committed the killing and fled from the spot on a black scooter. The charges against the other two is not known by the public. Fængslingerne expires incidentally, the end of the week.