“Gueti man” was in the 1970s, the title of a campaign, with the help of the city police of Zurich recruited new staff. The recent events scratch, however, the Image of the police officers Guild. Two cases were known in those days, when officials fees and Penalties in the own pocket to have (EYES reported).

No joy at “the black sheep”

“As a professional Association with 26’000 members, we have no pleasure in the quite a few black sheep tarnish the reputation of all police officers”, says Johanna Bundi Ryser. The President of the Association of Swiss police officer (VSPB) is committed to the responsibility of the police is highlighted. The officials have a greater duty of care, because they would represent the state and constantly under observation. “They will forgive much less than the other.”

Basically, it is the VSPB on the assumption that police officers of their duties are aware of, and work “to the best of our Knowledge and belief”. However, in the case of the police, the following applies: trust is good, control is better. Therefore, the various police put items on measures, if any fraud should be busted. Both for the city as well as the Canton police of Zurich, the recent cases of fraud but are not a reason to control practices.

In case of doubt, the police

it is Different in the case of the city police of St. Gallen. 5.5 million Swiss francs has been taken there in the past year and Fines of various kinds. Of monthly Billings and receipts with the control arrangements to numbered buses, slips of paper, as spokesman Dionys Widmer explained on request. “It is in our interest that this work is transparent and understandable.”

in A similar case as the fraud in the Canton of Zurich Widmer in St. Gallen is not known. He is A complete safety, it even do not give with multiple control mechanisms. “The Gebüssten receive from us a receipt,” says Widmer. “This should not be the case, or is something else strange, you should report the place to the police.”