In cooperation with the responsible employees of the waterways and shipping office Weser (formerly WSA Verden), the shipper, and the shipper and their insurance companies have so far initiated the following measures:

a backup of the sunken Lighter on Monday due to corresponding Mooring at the existing mooring poles.

Review of the hull by a diver on Tuesday, 24.03.2020.

The Inspection of the hull revealed that the floor of the tree (liftgate), both the starboard as well as portside, approximately in the middle of the Lighter, is torn from top to bottom, about a Meter long. In addition, the bent Easier at this point to the bottom of “”, i.e., the bending point is on bottom, bow and stern but still have water under the hull.

at The time, attempts by another company to bergen by means of a floating pontoon with excavator, the charge of the lighter from demselbigen. This measure will last until approx. noon on Friday.

Furthermore, deliberations and voting in respect of the recovery of the Lighter to run, two methods are discussed:

– the use of a floating crane, the estimated duration of the operation approx. 3 days – use of divers with air hebesäcken, the duration of use is unknown and could at the earliest start next week

both methods take the collection and recovery of the lighter until the next week; a specific date is not yet known.

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