MOSCOW, 03 — may- RIA Novosti. The London police were forbidden to play outside the Quartet, led by violinist and teacher from the Royal Academy of music Rafael Todes. Together with the neighbors who gathered to listen to the speech, they have violated the rules of self-isolation. The musician said on his page on Facebook, posting videos.

In the commercials shows how the police approach the violinist and his family (he played with his wife and children) and one of them says: “I understand everything, that’s great, but with so many people gathered around a concert, unfortunately, cannot continue.”

Police did not fined and was a fan of the classics: “It’s good music, but obviously because of her inhabitants will continue to gather. Now it’s not safe. I’m sorry.”

Todes with native calmly responded to the comment and immediately interrupted the concert. Such a display of courtesy on both sides, the audience applauded.

Later, the violinist said that about five weeks ago a neighbor asked if they can make a little speech to her friend who lives on the floor above.

Rafael Todes, who is now unlikely to resume such chamber concerts because of the recommendations of the police, said that originally they planned to play Beethoven’s, but settled on the Shostakovich.