According to current findings, there was, at 14:35 as of both vehicles to the collision: A 45-year-old driver of a passenger Car Audi A4, L 21 from Ahrenshoop travelled motorway in the direction of Born. About 200 meters behind the entrance to the rainbow camp, the 45 lost-Year-old apparently due to the non-adapted speed in adverse weather conditions, the control of your vehicle. They got to the oncoming lane on which a vehicle (Audi A3) responded with a 66-year-old driver and collided with this frontal. Both drivers were injured so badly that the 66-Year-old from the Region with a rescue helicopter and the 45-Year-old from Dusseldorf had to be transported by ambulance in a Rostock hospital.

The roadway had to be closed for recovery of vehicles, temporarily full. The total damage is estimated at more than 20,000 euros, both Audi suffered damage to a economic total. The investigation into the exact course of a road accident were recorded.

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