Also, the detection rate is still 64,48% to a very high level. So it does not exceed more than one percent, again the country-wide average, and recorded within the inspection, the highest value of the past thirty years. Also, the number of registered criminal offences per 100,000 inhabitants is still declining and with 5.574 offences, the lowest number in the past ten years.

“The citizens in the Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim can feel in our Region. The reduction of the case and the burglaries, as well as the increase in the clearance rate, a good result is to pay. This is in part due to the high Motivation and qualification of the employees, but also the citizens of our Region. By their notes and observations, we have to take in the past year, perpetrator and deeds can enlighten. Let this encouraging development together to drive forward, because every crime victim is still one too many,” the inspection Manager Nicola Simon. In the past year were recorded in the police in the Emsland and the County of Bentheim, a total 25.759 crimes. The 746 acts less than in the previous year, and describes a percentage decrease of 2.8 percent.

residential burglary continued to decline – Also very encouraging is the continued decline in the number of residential burglaries. Compared to the previous year, the total number of burglaries decreased in 2019 by a further 76 did, or 17.8 percent, and with 189 of the completed actions, the lowest number since the year 2010. “Thanks to the excellent prevention and investigative work, the number of actions could be, by 3.2 percent to 45.8 percent. So it remained at nearly every second break-in in an attempt. Also, the detection rate has been increasing since the past three years in this area (25.2% in 2019), ” said detective Aldi rector Heinz Defayay, head of the Central investigation service. This is also due to the behaviour of the citizens of our Region, the police took in the past years, a continuing security advice. In many cases, it was consequently invested in the security of their residential houses.

The country-wide one-time pilot project “home-un(d) sure,” came last year to great interest. The aim of this Offensive is not to let the burglary victims with their Concerns, needs, and traumatic experiences alone. A well-developed network of various institutions (SKM, White Ring, JVA Lingen, district courts, and PI Emsland/County of Bentheim) is to help to speak about what they have Experienced and to leave this behind. In the seven individual events, specific subject have been held presentations and informed issues such as technical prevention, in the work of the trauma clinic at the end of the criminal proceedings, and to work within the prisons.

-Numbers of domestic violence continue to rise – Since the year of 2010, the number of known cases of domestic violence is steadily rising. There were 697 deeds, so it has been in the past year, of 1,027 cases. Not least, this is the display behavior of the Concerned, the shy is far less often going to the police. The network “working group on Domestic violence” focuses on this phenomenon, also more in the Public. Not least of all, was published in November 2019, the photo exhibition “voices from Lingen against Domestic violence” and met a wide attention. Also, the Ministry of interior of lower Saxony is set to become the exhibition’s attention. In the course of this year, it will be in the premises of the Ministry in Hannover.

police officers also continued to be victims of violence – In the rawness offences and offences against personal freedom, a slight increase of 1.85 percent to the previous year. This includes offences such as robbery, bodily injury, Stalking, coercion and threat count. The cases in which the offender used a knife or led is decreased compared to the year 2018, the eight deeds to 108, a decrease of 6.9 percent. Of great concern is the high number of acts in which police officers are the victims of violence were prepared as before. Even if the offences such as assault, resistance, abuse and coercion in the past year fell by five deeds on 204 easily, as it was in previous years, in terms of the resistance and the physical attack on the power of the state continuously grown. Inspection far, a total of 469 police were injured, officials in the service of victims of violent crimes, and 71 of them were. Also, rescue workers, prison officers and justice officials are increasingly victims of violence. Compared to the previous year, the number of 23 increased to 34 actions. “This is unacceptable behaviour and lack of respect is not to be tolerated. Here, we will step in to continue consistently,” said the police boss.

-the elderly as victims of crime – Also in the underlying year, seniors were increasingly victims of crime. For this purpose, the so-called grandson of tricks, or the call of a wrong police officer count. The number of defrauded senior citizens is growing in the past years, steadily. The ongoing and tireless work of the prevention teams of the police inspection Emsland/County of Bentheim has borne fruit, resulting in a further reduction of the actually completed actions. More than 90 percent of this shock calls remained in the test plug. Nevertheless, further clarification is also required here. The perpetrators always focus on new mesh, in order to bring the Elderly of our society to their Savings. Only this year, the police recorded an extraordinary investigation success. The “Central investigation group phenomenon” of the police Directorate of Osnabrück, Germany managed, in cooperation with the Turkish security authorities, and several of the men behind a call center gang, which officials expenditure as a false police arrest. The intensive investigations of the local police were gone. In this context, Ms. Simon made it clear: “here it is, together with the actions to reduce it. Educate your parents and grandparents about these Scams and give them, to never speak on the phone about assets and even a stranger money to hand over.”

-Slight increase in the area of children and youth crime – The numbers of cases in the area of child and youth crime has increased in the past year, 27 acts 1,981 again easily. A phenomenon of what the police officers observed in our Region of concern, is the spread of pornographic and child pornographic writings and images. Here has changed the age structure significantly. Of the 129 known cases, 55 children and young people were identified as perpetrators. Last year there were 10. Lack of media competence in children and adolescents leads more and more frequently in different social media such as WhatsApp groups, pornographic images, and the Public will be sent. Often the children and young people are not aware that the Spread is liable to punishment. Although is also done intensive police prevention work together with local schools and communities, this leads not finally to improve the media skills of young mobile phone users. Here, alike, parents, teachers, and police are asked to provide already in the primary school-age provide further clarification and to point out the dangers.

“The decline in case numbers and the steadily increasing detection rate shows that we are on a very good path. A big praise to all the staff of our inspection,” said the Senior police Director finally.

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