the stick part of the minimum distances according to the “General decree on the prohibition of events, meetings and the Opening of certain establishments to contain the Coronavirus” is not respected. The police made criminal charges in accordance with the infection protection act.

around 16:00 and gathered about 50 people in the Linden street to a rally for the closure of a local property to hold. In the course of this rally some of the participants held the minimum clearances to protect against infection with the Coronavirus after repeated calls from the police. These violations of the infection protection act, documented the use of force and a criminal led to a legal investigation. Against 16:45 clock, the Demonstration was stopped by the organizer.

The police will continue to check systematically the compliance with these important restrictions. The police appeals: Please stick to the measures referred to by the General. If you can stay home, then do that too. It’s up to each individual. Protect your health and the health of the people in your environment.

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