in Between Ludwigsburg places-the North and the Ludwigsburg-Süd is currently a construction site area that is pivoted on the height of the terminal in Ludwigsburg-Süd to the left. According to previous findings, an unknown vehicle was on the right lane of the three lane highway in the direction of Stuttgart on the road. Presumably, the driver realized the road pivoting too late, and drove straight into the cordoned-off building site area. He pushed against four Warnbaken, which were then partly in the green strip and into the roadway protrude. Due to the other traffic had to Dodge the participants and the police was informed about this fact. At that time, the ‘polluter pays’ already made out of the dust, and cared not for the property damage of about 900 euros were. Police officers were then the scene of the accident. There are various vehicle remained on the polluter pays parts of the vehicle and a registration plate. On the basis of the indicator, the holding address was visited, and in the further course of a young man who had resided in the area of Sulz am Neckar, as the alleged driver to be determined. Maybe the suspects at the time of accident was a silver Opel Astra with Balinger approval (BL) on-the-go. After the police had found officials at the drivers for signs of alcohol influence, he had to pull out after the implementation of a breath alcohol test, a blood collection under. As it turned out, he is not also in possession of the necessary permission. In the Wake of the police action, the damaged accident car has not been found yet. For this purpose, the further investigations are still on-going. The Traffic Police Inspection Ludwigsburg, Tel. 0711 6869-0, is looking for witnesses who observed the accident on the highway, or the clues to the whereabouts of the vehicle can give.

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