Two armed perpetrators overwhelm an employee and stole the day’s receipts. The employee has suffering from the consequence of this fact, and the work is not yet capable of. The perpetrator could not yet be determined. In the Wake of a public investigation will be sent to the 24.10.2018 at 20:15 on the TV station ZDF did a post about this robbery in the television program “aktenzeichen XY – ungelöst”. The police hopes that this new knowledge. A note phone will be switched.

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Lottstetten: Two masked perpetrators attacked casino and acquire daily receipts 22.11.2017 – 15:50

Freiburg (ots) – On Wednesday morning at 04:00 PM there was a Robbery at a game room in Lottstetten. Two armed perpetrators were not known in the premises and overpowered even present employees. This was tied up with duct tape and gagged. The perpetrators took the day’s receipts, put them in a dark sports bag and disappeared. Over a longer period of time then managed the employees, trigger the Alarm and to get free. A cross-border manhunt involving the German and Swiss safety authorities, has not led to the identification of the two perpetrators. Of the perpetrators, the following descriptions are available: one of them was about 180 cm tall and strong, wearing a dark jumpsuit, spoke English without an accent. The Second was bigger and stronger, had on a dark jacket, in the back with the inscription “Racer”. About their direction of escape, and also her means of Escape, no evidence is presented. The Criminal police headquarters Waldshut-Tiengen has taken over the investigation and asks for relevant information (contact 07741 8316-0).

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