The police currently, is that scammers also play in these times with the fear of their victims and new Scams in connection with the Corona-epidemic invent. Have been offered by alleged employees of the Department of health corona tests at the front door. In addition, alleged employees of the Department of health gave to the stock of disinfectants, check in to the apartment. But neither are true corona tests, nor the actual number of employees of the Department of health.

In addition, things for thieves now seem to be of interest, found two weeks ago, no attention. So Unknown that has been stolen in a break-in at a Restaurant in the Otto street, next to cash, also about 20 bottles of sanitizer, and several packs of mouth protectors.

instructions to the police:

– From the official site and conducted the corona tests at the front door or offered to The health Department doesn’t come home and checked disinfectants stocks – immediately Contact the police (emergency call 110), if you suspect fraud.

in Total, the police, the majority of Frankfurt’s population adheres to the requirements. The officials noted, but also infringements, in particular, on playgrounds or in parks. The majority of the citizens were clear after they were pointed out by the officials on their misconduct. In some cases, the police have also expressed space references.

The primary objective of the controls is, as before, a further spread of the Virus to contain and to maintain the functioning of the health system.

achieve this goal, it requires the Use of all. The Frankfurt police appeals to the citizens:

you Stay home and protect their fellow man and themselves. Observe the rules concerning the prohibition of Contact in the public space and keep your distance to your fellow man. Together, we can all help to save lives.

General information of the police:.

The emergency number 110, is reserved for people in emergency situations. Messages about persons in the public space, and questions to the regulations applicable to the corona-fighting are not emergency calls.

information for citizens on the website of the Hessian Ministry of social Affairs ( available. A Hesse-wide Hotline to the theme is under the number 0800 – 5554666 daily from 8 to 20 hours a day.

– In the Sicherheitsapp hessenWARN provided the latest warnings and information.

– Please also note the current note of the Frankfurt police, on the well-known Social Media channels, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, @_polizeiffm.

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