Between the 22.03.20, at 19:30 and the 23.03.20, 18:30, was driving a black VW Passat in the area of the left-hand exterior mirror mounted and accordingly, damage: 500 EUR) is damaged (. The polluter-pays ran on the road, “upper assets” of the Reichensächser street coming and did not, apparently, the necessary side distance. Notes: 05651/9250.

By 11:18 a.m. an 88-Year-old from Sontra from parked this morning with his Car in the Parking lot of the Edeka-market in the Burhaver road in Sontra. He grazed a parked Opel Corsa, causing a property damage of about EUR 700 was created.

3000 GBP property damage incurred in an accident that occurred this morning in the street “in Front of the bridge gate” in Eschwege. A 78-Year-old from Eschwege was with his Car in the direction of the village Grebe on the road, had to stop in traffic due to the short in front of the entrance to the post. A subsequent 63-Year-old from Sontra overtook the Car in front of this in the post to bend. In doing so, he damaged his van to the waiting Car.

assault (domestic violence)

At the 24.03.20 it came between midnight and 02:30 p.m. to a dispute in which a 40-Year-old from Sontra physically has been addressed. Tatverd the 42-year-old live-in partner, who is resident in Poland and was visiting is affected. In the drunken state of these struck the Victim several times with his fist against the head and kicked her to the legs. Furthermore, he pushed her against the refrigerator. The enclosing equestrian officials of the police station Sontra carried out a threat response and referred the 42-Year-old apartment (Removal order).

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