A 55-year-old passenger Car driver from Weißenborn went to the Röhrdaer road from the direction of Röhrda motorway in the direction of the centre of the town born white, while in the opposite direction, a 35-Year-old from the goat village with a tractor-trailer was traveling. In the “hairpin curve” roamed the two vehicles in a drive-by on the basis of the tractor narrowed road. The car has a damage of 1000 Euro was created, on the tractor, no damage was detectable.

the Unknown perpetrator of the damage on company property; damage of 3500 Euro; police are looking for witnesses.

Between Tuesday morning at 07.00 am and Wednesday morning at 07: 00 PM Unknown on a gravel works site to the North of the Thuringian road in Eschwege on a floating dredge, a Tau, and also a conveyor belt by means of cutting tools cut and thereby a loss of 3500 euros. Notes takes the police in Eschwege, under the number 05651/925-0.

Unknown burglars steal Laptop from the Laundry business; police are looking for witnesses.

, Unknown offenders broke into a shop for linen goods in the forest lane in Eschwege and removed from the sale room is a Laptop of brand Lenovo in the value of 400 Euro. The perpetrators opened violently, a patio door and gained access to the business premises. Out of the office, the offenders then stole said Computer. Through the break-in, the perpetrators were also property damage in the amount of 50 Euro. The time room is apparently between Monday, 12: 00 noon and Wednesday, 11: 30 am. Information takes the criminal investigation Department in Eschwege, under the no 05651/925-0.

police Sontra

wild accident; Car collides with Fox; damage 1000 Euro

Wednesday evening at 21.00 collided with a 55-year-old passenger Car driver from Creuzburg on the Federal road B 7 between rittmann Hausen and Netra with a Fox. On the husband’s car a damage of around 1000 euros as a result.

police Witzenhausen

the car, a driver touches a parked Car while driving on the road; damage to 650 Euro

On Wednesday afternoon at 16.30 o’clock ran on a 75-year-old passenger Car driver from Witzenhausen in dog lshausen the Kasseler landstraße in the direction of Witzenhausen. As the woman traffic from the direction of the joke came towards Hausen, drove them further to the right and grazed in the process, then the Kasseler land street, on the right side of the road parked Cars. On the car the 75-Year-old the rights of mirrors was pulled up with a damage of 150 euros is affected, the damage to the left side mirrors of the parked Cars is estimated to be approximately 500 Euro.

police Directorate in the district of Werra-Meißner-press office-; POK Först

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