Where is Rebecca (15)? The Berlin police are looking for more than a month after the missing schoolgirl. The investigators believe that the girl was killed. Since Monday is wanted on the Wolziger lake in the vicinity of Starkow to the body.

the investigators of the homicide were the First two days with boats on-the-go. With this, you had Westphalia, Berlin’s two police dogs and three animals from North Rhine-Westphalia. The cadaver dogs should sniff the surface of the water, according to the “image”. The action took place, but without success.

today, Wednesday, divers are now looking for the technical operational unit under water, according to the Berlin police on Twitter. This lake is the hot track in the 1700?

18. February 2019 : Rebecca (15) disappears in the early hours of the morning from the house of your sister and her husband Florian R. Since there is no sign of life from her. to 28. February 2019 : Rebecca’s brother-in-law, Florian R. (27) is arrested. The investigators believe that he had something to do with her Disappearance. the 1. March 2019 : Florian R. will be released, because there is no sufficient Vertdacht. to 4. March 2019 : once Again, Florian R. will be arrested. During the interviews, he entangles himself in contradictions. Nevertheless, the family of the Missing men, believes in his innocence. to 5. March 2019 : investigators find a hair of Rebecca in the trunk of the car by Florian R. and his sister. Also, fibers of a ceiling can be ensured. to 6. March 2019 : The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office released images of Florian R. and his car, a red Twingo. The investigators ask for in an episode of “aktenzeichen XY”, notes: anyone Who has seen Florian R. or his car on the day of Rebecca’s Disappearance? to 7. March 2019 : The police are searching a forest in Brandenburg with dogs. A detection system had registered the car by Florian R. on the highway in the vicinity. He is silent to the allegations. The search remains without success. to 8. March 2019 : police continue search with sniffer dogs. Meanwhile, several hundred notices have been received. to 9. March 2019 : Florian R. takes to be a lawyer. Ex-policewoman Petra Small to defend him.