Previously, had attacked the Accused members. They finally came to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Against 21.30 forces in an apartment in the Hermann street to settle a dispute between a 59-Year-old and her daughter and granddaughter. The officials made the peace once again, had to start against 22.00 o’clock but again the same address, because the 59-Year-old should attack your family with a knife. The terrified Victim received the officers outside the house, because they had fled before the accused. The Patrol went to the apartment and met the Aggressorin. The woman walked with a knife on one of the officers, and pepper spray was used. The Itzehoerin let go of the weapon and could be overwhelmed. A state Prosecutor of the withdrawal of a blood sample ordered for the Drunken. They came in the Wake of the measure forcibly to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. The officials made a criminal complaint, among other things, due to attempted dangerous bodily injury.

Merle Neufeld

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