Police can detain children walking without an adult in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

Children under 14 who are on the street without an adult, may be detained by the police, the chief of the main control Directorate of the capital Yevgeny Danchikov.

He recalled that from April 15 to move around the city will need a digital pass.

“the Child up to 14 years pass can. If he will travel alone and without a pass, it is likely that the police will hold him back and will find out where his parents why he was moving one,” quotes his words TASS.

Danchikov suggested that before the arrival of the parents the child may be in police custody where a children’s Department.

According to him, the city authorities have taken these measures to ensure the safety of citizens, including that children not infected COVID-19.

Danchikov said that administrative liability may involve parents, as they left the children unsupervised.

Previously entered Moscow restrictions aimed at combating coronavirus infection, praised Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that all measures taken are justified.

city authorities have introduced the city’s access mode. According to the decree, signed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin, to travel by car and public transport available now only on digital badges. Arrange them on 13 April and the 15th day of their availability to move around the city will be required.

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