In the framework of the fight against the road deal in the city area of Bremen, the investigators were on the 25-Year-old. The investigation group road deal a rose in the other investigations against several persons and suggested search action. Subsequently, were issued at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office in Bremen Search warrants for a total of four apartments in Bremen. The 25-Year-old was arrested while Leaving one of the apartments in Woltmershausen. He carried a plastic bag with 700 grams of marijuana and 10 grams of cocaine with. In three other apartments could be found in addition, a total of almost 70 grams of cocaine, about 2.2 kilograms of marijuana, approximately 4,400 euros in cash, a scale and packaging material and seized. Against the 25-year-old main suspect, the district court arrest warrant issued for trafficking in narcotics.

The police in Bremen will in future focus on the mixture of covert and operational measures to shut down the drug dealing and the drug scene in the room.

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