German Police arrested a “German Rambo”, who disarmed four policemen and six days hiding in a wooded area in the South-West of the country. According to Baden Online, Rausch was caught next to the restaurant in Oppenau-Ramsbach, located about 2.5 kilometers from the center of Oppenau in the black forest. He had seized four firearms, which he took from police.

according to German newspaper Taggeschau, the story began with the fact that on Sunday the police arrived at Rausch illegally built hut on a call of citizens reporting suspicious young man in camouflage clothing with a bow and arrow. People without permanent residence who painted the face of ash, like Rambo, and threatened the officers to kill them from the bow and forced them to give him their service pistols. He then tied up the officers and fled in the black forest – a wooded mountain area in Baden-württemberg.

In search of a latter-day Rambo was attended by a thousand security forces, supported by helicopters with thermal imaging cameras. The attorney-General Herwig Schafer of Baden-württemberg called the 31-year-Raouche “Ranger”, who is well-versed in tough terrain, abundant terrain drops. According to investigators, in the fall, he lost his apartment in Oppenau and since then had no permanent place of residence. The man was illegally housing arranged in a garden shed, where the owner and called the police. He was well known to the police since the age of 15 and was considered an extremist: a few years ago, Rausch was sentenced to eight months probation for incitement to rebellion with the use of banned Nazi symbols.