“We’re looking for step-by-step with divers,” said a fire brigade spokesman to the AFP news Agency. The focus of the search, two excavators were lakes to the southwest of the capital, Nicosia. The 35-year-old Suspect is said to have admitted the killing of seven foreign women and children.

in mid-April, the bodies of two women had been in an abandoned shaft found. A German Tourist discovered the first body, as he took photos in the area. On Thursday, the Suspect, according to local media, a captain of the Cypriot army, the investigators led to a fountain on a firing range near Nicosia where they found the third body.

Also on Friday, the “first serial killer” of Cyprus, described the man accompanied the police to the two lakes, the use of forces to guide the recovery of the bodies. The lakes are a popular day-trip area. The murky waters are swollen after persistent rain, which complicates the search.