In Saarland, a truck driver crashes his vehicle off a bridge on the A620. Any help comes too late for the man. The police are now investigating how the accident happened.

A truck driver fell off a bridge with his vehicle on the A620 – and died. The dump truck started to sway on Wednesday for an unknown reason and broke through the crash barriers, the police said. He fell about eight to ten meters down onto a track bed that was no longer used, caught fire and burned out. The dead driver was then found in the driver’s cab, the spokesman said.

The accident happened between Völklingen and Wadgassen. The A620 was initially closed in both directions around the accident site. After a structural engineer was called in, the motorway towards Saarbrücken was released again in the evening.

The truck had to be recovered with a crane, said a police spokesman. It was not initially clear whether there were other people involved in the accident.