Brussels / Anderlecht –

Following the violent clashes in brussels represents the Brussels-secretary of state Pascal Smet (SP.(A) applying to the police and, especially, in the pursuit of which Friday night, the 19-year-old Adil was killed when he was on the flight and others. The police will respond fiercely.

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mr. Pascal Smet, minister of the Brussels-Capital Region of belgium, has been questioned in the police station, located in Anderlecht, where a 19-year-old boy died. There are certainly questions to be asked. Why the empire he was, which police ? It Was now the top priority is that your stay in amsterdam. Could it be there is no other way to be? You will be able the next day to visit him at his home, his doorbell rings and his responsibility to point out? However, in spite of all their talk about close to them, they knew his name, maybe not. These are all questions to which the police and the courts real answer to give. We don’t”, sounds like it is on Facebook.

the Blemish and condemning the riots which after that outbreak, but he thinks that there is more to it than that, it is.“It’s not the first time that it happens. And when dozens of those who are so against the police, is that there is something else going on here. A breach of trust. From a distance. Lack of understanding. And even full-blown hate. On both sides of it. Because they are in Kuregem in. In the concentration camps. And is that a riot or not, for some it is rather a shout out to a lot of attention. It is not the time to break the vicious cycle?”

The police union VSOA is not at all set-up with the reservations expressed by the secretary of state. “Well, mr. Stain, you can say that Adil is not known. Would it not be better on any of the comments, keep this in mind! You can refer to him as a ‘ young, friendly, and without a future. You are saying that the police would be able to handle it. You were, unfortunately, at the moment it is not in the local area, but you can pass a verdict on the budget”, sounds like it’s in a comment.

“You’re talking to a real hatred on both sides. You can speak of the camps, which are known as ” no-go zones, the administrative authorities, police didn’t taste like and where for years the. However, the facts of which are committed according to some of the mayors, but also “fait-divers”. Whether or not they are in the party, if they have a pharmacy on the 31st of december, at the loot of his. Or the pillaging and the lighting of fires in commercial premises after a football game.”

“Surely, mr. Smet, and you would have been better for the police of the Brussels-Capital Region, is to defend that every day, with might and main just to do her job, namely to the guidelines enforced by the secretary of the Interior, have been described in the context of this coronacrisis” said the spokesman, Vincent Houssin.