the gas Pipeline “Yamal-Europe” again operates in reverse after a full stop on the morning of 28 may. It is reported TASS citing data from the transmission system operator Gascade, Germany.

Earlier, on may 26 after a similar stop pumping gas from Russia via the “Yamal-Europe”, Poland also received during the day of gas reverse from Germany. Deputy head of the national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach then noticed that with high probability, in Poland receives Russian gas from Nord stream.

Long-term 25-year contract between Gazprom and Poland for pumping gas along the route “Yamal-Europe” expired on 16 may. The Polish party further decided to allocate pipeline capacity through a system of daily auctions.

According to experts, in the period of low demand and gas prices, such a system is advantageous both for buyers of fuel, and vendors. The Russian company it will give the chance to redistribute export flows to more profitable routes, primarily the Nord stream, the download which in may has grown to an extreme level – an average of slightly less than 200 million cubic meters a day.

we Already know that June is booked 94% of the capacity of the pipeline. For the third quarter of 2020, the period of seasonal growth of demand for natural gas before winter, the capacity of the “Yamal-Europe” is reserved at 80%. Polish company Gaz System does not disclose the names of the winners of the auctions, but, according to experts, only their party was “Gazprom”.